You Can Do More Than You Think You Can

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

May 10

For many people one of the biggest blocks in
not having the results they want is due to
time, or lack of it.

And this has been a huge one for me

With businesses to run, kids to look after, a
husband that works away, even as someone who
life and job revolves around fitness, I would
still struggle to find the time to fit in my
own training on a regular basis.

I would find it hard to get all of the work
done for my businesses and I was constantly
in the mode of sacristy, not enough time and
always chasing my tail.

I have never been much of a planner, it’s not
my strong point, I very much like to live in
the moment and just go with the flow


Setting my weekly routine has brought me to a
place where I feel I have much more time

I get more done now that ever before and I
only actually work a couple of days a week.

Lest face it we all have exactly the same
amount of time available in a day, it’s just
what you choose to do with it that counts.

So here are some of the top things that I
implement weekly for myself and within the
Focused Mind, Fierce Body Formula

Sunday planning.

So like I mentioned it’s not my strong point
and I actually don’t enjoy planning really
far ahead, I think I would probably could
produce even more if I was better at
planning, yet weekly planning is super quick,
easy and EFFECTIVE.

On a Sunday I review my week. What went well?
what needs improving?

I then set my focus for the week ahead and
set 6 main targets.

They don’t need to be big, but just 4-6 things
each week that will help to drive your life

Keeping the number small helps to avoid

Being in overwhelm only leads to
procrastination and then in turn you end up
getting nothing done and you still get the
feeling of panic of being busy and yet
actually not getting very much done at all.

So for my 6 targets 4 of those will be
business goals, I then have 1 main focus for
my health and fitness and 1 main focus for my

So my health and fitness focus could be
simply to use the 5-step formula to stopping
sabotage any time I catch myself reaching for
the foods that will send me off track.

Balance could be to have a family date day,
or take the kids out etc

I will also have my fitness training schedule
for the week written down on my white board.

I then know what sessions I’m doing on set
days, makes it far more likely to stick to.

Then each evening through the week I take a
little time at the end of the day to review
the day and then also block out my time for
the following day referring back to my main 6
goals so I can check them off as I
go along.

Doing this process helps me to stay on fire,
keeps me motivated and it reminds me to stay
connected to my ‘why’.

I then just rinse and repeat each week,
tweaking and changing my goals and my focus.

The result is I’m super productive and don’t
feel like burning out.

Just last week I was lazer focused got all my
shizzle done by Thursday, which meant
I could go away on a hen weekend and
completely switch off.

And switch off I did, as there was no phone
or Internet signal for the whole weekend, so
I got to fully immerse in the company of some
amazing girlies without constantly having my
face in my phone (yes I am guilty of that

The focused Mind, Fierce Body Formula is all
about showing you how you can be far more
capable than you ever thought you could be.

Get more done, have more fun and experience
big ass breakthrough results.

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Emma ‘Procrastination Slayer’ Colsey-Nicholls

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