5 Tips For Boosting Your Staying Power (AKA Motivation)

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

May 08

Sometimes the going can get tough when it comes to staying on track with your body goals, and we all go off time to time (me included)




I’m pretty relentless at getting right back on it just as quick. In fact I feel completely on fire with my training right now.


I’m often asked how I manage to stay so motivated and positive all of the time.


I actually covered this in a live Facebook video yesterday, you can click here to view it still and be sure to subscribe to get notifications for future feeds, I love doing live video’s and I love getting your questions.


In this video I covered my top 5 tools that help to keep me fired up, though I could easily go as staying motivated is simply about honing in your mindset skills, exactly like I teach on my Focused Mind, Fierce Body Formula.


Because lets face it all the crazy ass workouts and fad diets don’t mean shit if you can’t summon up the will power to stick to it.


These same tools can be applied to all areas of your life and not just your body.


#1 Go Internal – Find your reasons why you want something and get crystal clear. Why is it important to you to have that? Why do you care? How will you look and feel once you have achieved it. The stronger your, why, the more power it holds to keep you motivated.


# 2 – Track IT – If your not keeping track of anything, how do you know if you are actually making progress. You can track your weight, your measurements, track your moods, how your clothes feel, rate your confidence. Whatever is the element that feels most valuable to you, track it, this will then allow you to move on to tip 3


# 3 Review – So once you have done you tracking go back and see how you are progressing. I like to do this on a weekly basis and will add it into my journaling. Look at what’s going well, where the resistance is and where you need to tweak and change to ask what else is possible and then set your intentions for the week ahead to continue moving forward.


# 4 For When The going Gets Tough – So we all have those moments when we feel like it’s not working or we are not progressing quick enough or worse you feel like giving up. Here I head you right back to point 1, re-connect with your why. Remember why you started in the first place and then ask yourself, is giving up going to get you what you want?? Hell no, so course correct, decide the next action and bloody well take it.


# 5 Accountability – Weather you get a friend or partner to hold you accountable, join a group or a program, there are 100’s out there (but mine is also pretty damn awesome). I personally work with my own coaches and mentors, I’m constantly learning, evolving and I’m investing in myself. I have both business and fitness coaches to help to keep me on track and keep me fired up.


Motivation is an awesome thing, but it’s also pretty meaningless if you fail to take any ACTION.


Because the action is where the results are at.


And for the action takers out there who want a whole load more actionable tools and support


Check out my FREE training series HERE and start taking ACTION today!!


Emma ‘Action Wo-man’ Colsey-Nicholls

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