The Ultimate Weapon For Getting In Shape

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

May 03

Who makes the rules and who is the controller
of your life??

When it comes to getting in shape I hear all
sorts of reasons why people don’t have the
body they really desire.

These are some of my own stories

It’s just the way I’m made
I don’t have the will power
I don’t have enough time
Having kids has ruined my body.

Particularly the last one. It sounds harsh
but it’s something I have told myself and
others many times.

But who decided these rules??

It’s YOU!!

You are the one in power and you get to
decide what’s true for you.

Having kids has not ruined my body. Yes it’s
changed my body and my skin, but my body
looks the way it looks because of MY
decisions and behaviors.

Take responsibility for your own actions and
stop passing the blame to others

Realise you are ‘that’ powerful and your
results are solely down to the choices YOU
have made.

I love this quote from Byron Katie, which has
a pretty big impact on me.

“Taking responsibility for your beliefs and
judgments gives you the power to change them”

You see when you take responsibility, you are
taking back your power.

What are the current beliefs you have around
your body, your fitness and eating habits and
what you believe you are capable of??

-Eating healthy is complicated
-Healthy eating is expensive
-I need to lose weight before I start
-I don’t enjoy exercise
-I’m a fussy eater
-Being healthy means giving up my life
-I don’t have time I’m already too busy

These are just a few of the things I hear
commonly from the people I work with.

And I’m not saying your excuses aren’t valid,
because I know you are already working hard
trying to keep everything together.

Being a go-getter means that at times you
have had to let your body slip, I know I did.

So what if you could change the rules and
start creating some new beliefs?

Because you totally CAN have it all

The body
The relationships
The career

Why the hell not, other people do it, so why
can’t you??

Seriously starting to master this stuff will
feel like you have super powers and it’s had
a HUGE shift for me and my clients that come
to work with me.

The human body is amazing, YOUR body is
freeking amazing. YOU are incredible and you
can truly do and have anything you want, you
just have to decide that you can.

Are you ready to ditch the stories you have
been telling yourself and start working on
new ways to create the results that you DO

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Emma ‘Go Get Em’ Colsey-Nicholls

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