Transmute What?? Lets Get Real….

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Apr 28

So what the F** does it actually mean to
manifest anyway?

It’s a word that gets bounded about in
self-help books and a lot of coaching
programs I have been on, and indeed on many
instagram quote saluting to the laws of

But what does it really mean? And more
importantly how do we gain this all so
magical and mystical wisdom, to be able to
manifest the things that we want in our lives
with complete and utter ease.

Now I love the idea of the law of attraction,
but I honestly have no idea if it truly
exists, are the people that practice this
stuff just super lucky??


Is it just a matter of the things that they
practice, the actions they take and the
positive outlook they have on life.

For now until I manifest my first million
with nothing but thought, I’m going to go
with the latter.

A book I am reading at the minute called ‘Get
Rich, Lucky Bitch’ had a great definition and
really confirmed that true manifesting is not
just about sitting around and wishing for
something to happen.

“Manifesting is simply the art of transmuting
a thought (dream or desire) in reality in the
real world”

So weather you are wanting to manifest a
better body, a better career, better
relationships whatever it is that you desire
for yourself.

Don’t get fooled by the mystical and magical
art of manifesting your dreams, without
to lift a finger.

Getting what you want in life requires you to
get up off your arse and do something about

Deciding that you are no longer a victim to
your circumstances and you can have in your
life whatever you choose to create for

Just be constantly asking, ‘what else is
for me?’

You make the decisions, if you really want
something then go and freeking get it.

Go out and take the action that is required

Wake up with the intention to take
a step forward towards that goal each and
every day.

Even when life tries to knock you down, you
get back up and try again.

Practice and persistance

Getting the life and the body of your dreams
is going from failure to failure with no loss
of enthusiasm. You learn you tweak and you

And while you out there working for your
dreams, don’t forget to have a little fun
along the way.

This is the way I choose to live my life.

Emma ‘It’s All About The Mindset’Colsey-Nicholls

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