Why Is Is So Damn Hard??

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Apr 21

You really want to be fitter and healthier,
but why does it have to be soooo damn hard??

Every now I catch myself on my own bullshit,
in fact try and pull this stuff most weeks.

I think today I am feeling tired from the
amount of training I have been doing plus
preparing for this weekends retreat has meant
I have had quite a lot going on.

And in all truth, isn’t this how most us
our lives??

Being ‘busy’??

And being ‘busy’ or any feelings of stress,
is the time that we are most likely to
default into our subconscious programming.

I’m actually doing a short talk on this
weekend’s retreat about this subject as it
continues to fascinate me.

So as I go into ‘busy’ mode I instantly start
to notice my increase in cravings for sweet
things, they have always been my default that
I have no willpower to say no to.

You see it’s the things that you struggle
with the most, are because you have a default
program that is sabotaging you. And I know
right now you probably have no idea what that
is. I know I didn’t.

There is a very powerful tool that we use in
the Focused Mind, Fierce Body Formula that
helps you to identify exactly where that
default program comes from, as we gain more
awareness and clarity around it.

These behaviours usually come from some form
of a childhood experience. From the ages of
1-7 is when our brains are like absolute
sponges and absorb everything.

From experiences, to what people said, to
what we
then took on in that moment and decided for
it to be true.

And here is the crazy thing, at that time the
things that we absorb are other peoples
beliefs and attitudes as we observe others.

And even crazier is that the THRUTH
that most beliefs you decided to take on as a
child are far from the real truth, yet you
have decided to take it on anyway.

What were the things that you were told as a
child that created your relationship with

What were the things you were told you could
and couldn’t do surrounding food?

What are the top foods that you sabotage

What are the thoughts or feelings that come
up when you eat that particular food or

When do these feelings usually come up for

So when I sit down and really dig into my own
sabotaging behaviours surrounding the sweet
stuff, it comes from feelings of wanting to
be rewarded. That I have worked hard and I am

So when you look at it like this you see that
it actually has nothing to do with the food
and everything to do of wanting to FEEL like
I am getting a reward.

So if I can look for other ways to get that
that doesn’t involve
binging out of food and sabotaging my

Could it be buying new clothes?

Could it be getting a massage?

Could it be just giving myself a day off
(this is actually a far bigger reward for

Our subconscious behaviours are just the
behaviours that have been programmed over
time and are the default response that comes
when we are not really paying attention.

Most people spend their entire lives ignoring
what is really going on beyond the surface
level. Again it’s the way that we have been
programmed by society.

Your life is a reflection of your
subconscious programming around all areas of
your life, with your eating and exercising
habits, with your finances, with your

So creating a focused mind is simply paying
attention to what is really going on in
our mind, and the actions we take as a

The conscious mind is an amazing creative
thing, with limitless possibilities and this
is what we want to awake as we transform the
conscious to subconscious.
That is achieved first through awareness and

And that is what the 90-day program is based
upon. Re-programming through repetition and

Practice through daily habits and rituals.

Yes this may sound a like bullshit to you,
and you are entitled to that opinion, please
feel free to scroll on by


If you are sick and tired of trying every
going, then maybe, just maybe you ARE ready
try something different.

It’s time for you to open your eyes and look
deeper into what is really going on, because
until you do you will be stuck with the same
shitty results.

The time is now, to breakthrough the diet
and getting the body and life you want and
actually getting it with more ease,
excitement and awesomeness.

Because when subconscious programming takes
over, it just becomes part of what you do,
it’s who you are, and it’s your NEW
behaviours and responses that get you to
where you really want to be.

Everything you ever wanted is a learnable
skill and it just comes with practice.

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Learning this has brought me to where I am
today. On the verge of moving to my dream
lifestyle in the mountains, doing the work I
love and being able to spend more time with
my family and a LOT more snowboarding.


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journey to a body and life you love with
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Emma ‘Born Ready’ colsey-Nicholls

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