The Focused Mind, Fierce Body Way

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Apr 19

So last week I did a post about changing up
your training to improve your results, so…….
this last week I have switch and upped the
anti a little with my training and I’m
already noticing big shifts.

Not just with my body (I actually haven’t
dropped any weight) but my mindset, my brain
capacity and my confidence have all shifted
big time.

As I upped my training, I also started to
produce more work wise. I got some jobs
completed that I had been procrastinating on,
Iv been more present with the kids and the
hubster, and have generally just got that
fuzzy feeling of being ‘ON IT’

You see for me I have moments when I
lose focus and direction with my training, it
seeps into other areas of my life

It’s hard to think clear when your body is
broken and I see this a lot with the people
who come to work with me.

Processed chemical and sugar laden foods will
do that to a body.

Poor nutrition and no exercise leads to lack
of energy, focus, confidence and despite
wanting change you can struggle to get
motivated and get going.

I get it, and it’s why we always start the
process with the body.

Your body is the vehicle that gets you from
where you are, to where you want to go. It
gives you energy and capacity to work hard
and produce -consistently.

And that is the BIG lesson in this.
CONSISTENCY is key for long term results,
more balance and more happiness.

When you focus on creating a strong fierce
body you create the same go getter attitude
in all other areas of your life too, and it
develops the capacity to be able to create
more results, more energy, more focus and
more awesomeness.

Awesomeness is a choice.

Choose to love and honor your body.

Fuel and nourish it with fresh natural foods,
hydrate with water.

Move your body daily with more ease, flow,
fun and find the activities that you enjoy

And with that we create more balance across
all areas of our lives.

Create more calm in the mind and space from
the clutter of thoughts to have more
clarity and focus.

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