Great Expectations And Even Bigger Downfalls

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Apr 14

Sometimes your greatest expectations can be
your biggest downfall.

So as I set out on my training run today I
was doing hill sprint intervals.

I have been trying to think of the longest
and steepest hill I could find locally to me
to really try and push myself.

I know that when I get to race days, it’s the
hills that always get me, and I know for sure
my Edinburgh race last year was brutally
steep and LOTS of hills so I want to be a
little more prepared this year.

So….I had it in my head that the hill near me
was not going to be steep enough.


I have just got back from doing that training
run and lets just say it was plenty steep
enough for starting out on.

And here is the thing when we start doing

Weather that is to make improvements to our
body, to our lifestyle or anything you are
trying to uplevel.

You always run the risk of doing too much too
soon. We start out with these crazy big
expectations of ourselves, and yeah I think
that’s a great thing.

BUT huge expectations can also lead to
equally huge downfalls.

So much, in a short space of time that it
becomes unsustainable for you to continue at
that rate, and the result is that you just
give up because it becomes too damn hard.

When starting out on anything new, the key to
keeping it up for the long term is to just
start small.

Then remain consistent and build up to become
even more effective at the things you do on
a daily basis, it always begins with your daily

And this is exactly what we do when people
start on the Focused Mind, Fierce Body

There is a lot of things that will change
over the next 12 weeks, but we start small and
practice new daily habits over the duration
of the program so that we avoid overwhelm and
you can then start to make some really big
shifts in your mindset.

That is how you will achieve
breakthrough success, and the kind of
breakthroughs that are going to be a positive
change to your life FOR GOOD.

And remember this program is not just about
getting in shape, it’s about changing your
whole perspective on life and to be able to
life a happier and healthier lifestyle, it is
NOT just another weight loss program.

This program is about you feeling positive
and on fucking fire each and every day, yes
you are going to lose some body fat if that
is your goal, but that is actually just a by
product of this program helping you to
be more awesome.

And to do that it can be the simplest of
things that can have the biggest shift for
you and that is what is so damn exciting for
me to teach.

If you are serious about wanting to level up
then I would love to have you on the next

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Emma ‘Expect More’ Colsey-Nicholls

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