F*ck It – Do More Of What You Love

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Apr 12

It may seem pretty obvious in the pursuit of
happiness, is to just do more of what you

So my message is about helping women to
improve their health and feel happy and
confident in their own skin, but at the end of
the day that becomes a much easier process when
we work on our own happiness.

All anybody wants is to be happy, yet why do
so many of us STILL spend so much time doing
this we don’t love.

Things that stress us out, things that make
us down right unhappy.

Is it because of your deeper underlying

That you believe life should be hard, it
should be struggle?

So what IS it that makes you happy?? How
could you do more of it?

What gives you that feeling of being in
complete a utter flow with life, what is it
that completely absorbs you and makes you
feel at peace?

For me it’s being in the outdoors, whether
that is up a mountain on a snowboard or
walking in the countryside with the kids and
the dogs, breathing in fresh air or out on a
run just me and my thoughts.

I simply love being in nature, I love
movement, it gives me the feeling of complete
and utter gratitude for this amazing planet
that we live on.

When I’m in nature I get feelings of
fulfilment, feelings of inspiration,
ideas come to me thick and fast and I feel
as though I can take on the world.

It’s these reasons that my heart is
absolutely pulling me to the mountains and
where I am now going to be creating a life
for me and my family.

It’s also the reason I am passionate about
creating amazing retreats (now down to
the last couple of places for next weekends
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Bringing together my passions for the
outdoors, mindset, movement and on a mission
to live and receive more happiness.

My challenge to you is to think about the
things that you LOVE.

And simply do more of that.

It helps to say ‘f*uck it’ to some of the
tedious routines or jobs that we don’t enjoy.
Well maybe don’t drop everything all at once,
but rather make a conscious effort to find
ways to do less of the things you don’t

Just this week one of my clients came to me
with a big smile on her face as after 32
years of a job she absolutely hates she has
found the strength to hand in her notice and
take life by the balls and become her own

That’s the shizzle I’m talking about.

Life is far too short to spend your precious
time doing the things that make you

Find what makes your heart smile and do more
of it, every single day.

Emma ‘Loves Ya’ Colsey-Nicholls

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