Coasting To Kick Ass

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Apr 10
So as April marked the end of the first
quarter of 2016 I have taken some time this
weekend to go over my first 90 day goals, and
let’s just say my progress is a little
underwhelming and the word coast comes to

So yeah I am possibly casting a little bit of
judgment on myself thinking that I could
defiantly do better.

But here is the thing. I can be hard on
myself, beat myself up about it and feel like
a failure.

OR I can focus on the good stuff that did

Like going on 3 holidays in the space of 3

Accepted an offer on our house and made some
pretty big progress towards creating the life
of our dreams.

YES there is definite room for improvement,
I’ve learnt some pretty testing lessons over
the last few months, which I will now use to
guide me through the next quarter.

I invite you to go and do the same.

If you are committed to constant growth and
expansion, committed to wanting and being
‘more’, then review, reflect and re-set
your intentions.

If you set those 90-day goals in January now
is the time to go back over them.

Look at what is working? What’s’ not working?
What action you get to take next?

The aim is to create a life that is balanced
and so I always set goals in all 4 key areas
of my life:

Body – So your health and fitness targets.
Being – Your relationship with your self
Balance- Your relationships with those
closest to you
Business – Your career goals

What could you set in place for the next
quarter that will push you to experience more
greatness, more happiness the most awesome
life that you deserve to be living?

My first quarter saw big shifts in the
balance and being areas of my life and now I
really want to take some focus towards my
body and my business goals.

To help me with this I have started work with
a new fitness coach.

I know the value of working with a coach to
get the best from myself, but also
simply having someone hold me accountable to
my goals makes me far more likely to get

Having a coach on hand to help me is the
difference between coasting and kicking ass.
Get clear on your next set of goals. What
exactly are you trying to achieve? Why is it
important to you? How will you measure that

Be bold, be brave, get uncomfortable and then
take action. Setting goals is all well and
good but it’s the actions that you make daily
that will actually get you there.

Emma ‘2nd Quarter Game On’ Colsey-Nicholls

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