There Is No Such Thing As A Seagul

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Apr 07

Yeah you read that right.

A fact, that I learned whilst on holiday last

We were sat with a group and there was this
guy called Dave.

He was one of those types that just seems to
know about EVERYTHING, not in a ‘know it all
type of way’ but in a way that you could sit
and talk to him for hours because he just
knows a lot about, well, everything and

Pretty irrelevant stuff but interesting all
of the same.

Anyway as we got onto the topic of birds (not
sure how that one started) but in particular
seagulls, and he comes out with the comment
that – ‘there is no such thing as a seagull’.

WTF!!!! now as a girl who has been brought up
on Blackpool promenade that is inhabited by
thousands of the fuckers, I was not having

No way have I lived my entire life believing
in something that doesn’t even exist.

And low and behold a quick stop to Wikipedia
and it’s true!!!!

Yes there are lots of different varieties of
‘gulls’, no actual seagulls.

And this got me thinking about my own process
and string of revelations that I have made
along my journey of digging in deeper as I
start to live more consciously.

How many thoughts that we have on a daily
basis, that we ‘believe’ to be true.

Thoughts that quite frankly are holding you
back and keeping you stuck.

It’s so hard for me
I don’t have enough time
I was just born to be this way
I’m not good enough
Not smart enough
Not confidant enough
What if people think I’m stupid?

Maybe you are not even awear of what they are
right now, most people aren’t. You probably
just see it as circumstances, or just the way
things are.

I know I wasn’t until I started to question
my own behaviours and habits.

Like why I had no will power when it came to
sweets (and at times I still don’t)

Why I would procrastinate when I know I
really should be working.

See whatever your deep underlying beliefs are, is
what will be true for us. However, it all stems
from a thought pattern, and thoughts CAN be

And this is what we uncover on the 90 day
Focused Mind, Fierce Body Formula, to show
you the connection between your outer
experiences and your deeper inner thoughts.

Because until you start to recognise the inner
thoughts you will never really shift anything
and you just stay stuck

It’s why you go on diet after diet and
nothing ever really changes in the long term

Once you dig in to the origins of your
beliefs you can start to shift through it as
you realise it is simply not true.

You are the power in your world, and you get
to have whatever you choose to think, it all
just starts with the awareness.

Are you ready to ditch constant hustle and
grind of battling to keep a job, kids, life
and your diet on track all of the time?

Ready to realise that there is another way??

Let’s do just that…..

Imagine waking up each morning with more
energy, drive and passion than ever before.

Having the tools resources and support to
make staying on track easier and discover the
core beliefs that have been holding you stuck
for years.

Being in with a group of other mission
fuelled women who are ready to level up with
their bodies and their lives.

Over the months of creating this program it is
forever evolving and growing and I am excited
to be adding some new resources and new
workouts into the program for this round.

Live your life on purpose and practice the
habits of care on your mind, your body and
your sole. We start the next program on the
25th April, if you are ready to level up with
your body?.

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Emma ‘Will Blow Your Mind’ Colsey-Nicholls

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