Complete Hypocrite!!

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Mar 25

When I come in to contact with new or prospective clients, or even people who follow me on social media, they often come with the with the perception that quite possibly that I came out of the womb doing burpies and that I love exercise so it’s easy for me, and that I always eat healthy (which I don’t btw).


Well I tell you now for certain that it hasn’t always been this way, and some days I am pretty much like everyone else.


In fact just last week my friend was telling me about one of the time hop posts that showed up on her Facebook.


It really made me laugh and also made me realise how much I have change and indeed how much my life has changed.


So she had put that she was making a soup, and then my comment was “why would you make soup, just open a tin’


Pahaha what a fucking hypocrite right


I know, I had actually forgotten what I used to be like.


Before I started learning about health and indeed nutrition I used to live on microwave meals and pre-packaged food.


I grew up with parents that owned a fish and chip shop on Blackpool prom for Pete’s sake. I have memories of sitting at the end of the donut machine and helping myself and an endless supply of Mr Whippy ice creams.


As I got older, cooking anything for myself just didn’t happen, it seemed scary, time consuming and hard work. Luckily I met my husband at the age of 17 who was the one that always did the cooking meaning that I never really pushed myself to learn to cook anything.


Fast forward to today and I am a completely different person.


Yes from time to time I will bung something in the oven, but even on those odd times I actually find I don’t even enjoy it.


Once something becomes regular practice it no longer seems like such hard effort, it just something you get used to doing. Now I cook things from scratch 80% of the time.


I don’t ever think I would make it on masterchef but I can follow instructions and that’s all cooking clean and tasty meals is, right? Just to follow the recipe.


In fact that is all following a healthy living program is about, just follow the guidelines and tweak things to make them work for you.


But the key thing here is that it doesn’t happen over night. You don’t wake up one day becoming a health freak (well I’m sure some people do, but it wasn’t that way for me)


It’s more a case of the more you learn, the easier it gets to make better choices because you come from a place of knowledge and understanding, and you actually WANT to choose better food rather than feeling like you HAVE to. Leaning how to work with your body instead of punishing and abusing it.


We put so much pressure on ourselves thinking that we have to have all of our shit together all of the time when actually, I just want to help people enjoy the flow and process of living healthier happier lifestyles, it doesn’t have to be as terrible as you are thinking it’s going to be.


It’s just about making that start and we really would love to help you make the changes and get to where you want to be with your body.


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