Not Perfect And Perfectly Happy

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Mar 22

I was out to a pal’s house on Saturday night for a girl’s night in.


I really do love and cherish those nights with good friends. We can literally talk about nonsense or on our case OCD’nesss when it comes to hanging your socks out in pairs and wearing your day of the eek socks on the right days.


It got me thinking about people that are OCD, and I mean REALLY OCD. See I was joking with my friend as yesterday I wore Wednesday socks on a Monday. That I can handle, I actually don’t get the whole odd socks thing.


Wearing a completely odd pairs is just a step too far for me, ha!!


But on a serious note it comes down to our perfectionist identity.


This is our feeling of self worth and the way we compare ourselves to others.


It’s in the way we are conditioned to believe that we have to show up in a certain way in order to be accepted and loved by others.


So I am being pretty blaze and superficial talking about wearing odd or paired socks but really where does this whole OCD thing come from?


Because I know a hell of a lot of people that are in the real belief that things have to be or look a certain way for it to feel ok for them.


I know when I started writing my posts/emails and my Facebook videos’ I would put so much pressure on myself to get it right, make it PERFECT or scared that maybe I didn’t know enough.


Do you hold yourself back from doing things because of these same thoughts??


But doesn’t that just leave you feeling stressed out, miserable and in fact it just stops you in your tracks, never really getting much done??


And it comes down to the very same thing with the way that many women view their bodies, and why so many women result to crash dieting.


I had a woman contact me yesterday as she really wanted to come and join one of my sessions, but then got back to me, she had totally talked herself out of it saying she wasn’t ready as she is a larger lady and was worried that everyone else would be stick thin!!


And it’s this pressure that society places on us that saddens me, yet I know it’s something we all do. I know I have judged people on how they look, their size, what clothes they wear.


But I also often remind myself that EVERYONE is just doing the best they can with what they know.


We should be free and able to look, feel and behave in any way which makes us HAPPY.


When we look at our bodies and believe that we ‘need’ to diet in order to look a certain way. The starving the body (and being pretty miserable in the process) and over exercising to punish ourselves for eating ‘all the bad stuff’ will never ever work as a long term approach.


Yes I believe in helping women to achieve a lean body of health AND to do that in a way that is supportive of the body physically and emotionally.


Working out because it allows women to move and be strong, being strong makes me feel UNSTOPPABLE.


To eat nutritious foods that supports the body and allows it to thrive rather than living on processed chemical leaden crap that poisons your body and kills your energy.


Being in shape is about doing it for YOU and not just to conform to society’s standards, doing it because YOU want to live your life to the fullest and truly thrive instead of just surviving.


Healthy living is never a once size fits all approach, we all have different responsibilities, needs, stresses and time constrains. That’s why I am passionate about helping women to create their of healthy living blueprint through my programs, and one that works for YOU.


So stop putting so much pressure on yourself, do what you can, commit to learning and growing more.


And if you are not happy with your present results then look at ways you can implement changes to get more of what you DO want in life.


Don’t worry if you are not PERFECT, just be sure to make every day count and focus on your own personal WINS each day.


Daily wins are something that we practice in my programs as it’s training the mind to look for the success in each and every day. What your mind is focused on is what you will receive more of. Focus on success and that is what you will start to receive more of.


And yes you will fuck up from time to time and that’s just awesome. Fuck up’s are just the perfect feedback for you to learn and grow from it’s just part of your journey.


If you are ready to start your own journey then get started HERE with my free mindset training and discover another way to creating your lean body of health without restriction and punishment


Emma ‘Claim It’ Colsey-Nicholls


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