To Speed Up Results…. (It’s Not What You Think)

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Mar 17

I talk a lot in my messages about slowing things down but today it’s more of a message to myself.


Since getting back from holiday I am always in a space of rush and go, go, go as I attempt to ‘catch up’.


Aiming to ‘catch up’ with work, with my body, with the kids, getting my nutrition back on track after being in holiday mode eating, actually means added stress and not much progress. Sound familiar??


And the result of being go, go, go I have the feeling of stress and overwhelm creeping back in.


These feelings then turn into me heading right back to the kid’s sweetie tin.


I used to be so unaware of my triggers. I used to think a craving was just a craving and that I just simply had no will power.


I would then beat myself up about it and get angry with myself for being so weak willed but still hating my flabby belly.


It was only when I started to learn more about mindset did I come to realise that actually it has really very little to do with the actual food and MUCH more to do with a feeling or a trigger.


There was a great example of this yesterday, when one of my clients reached out as she found herself unable to resist the muffins that were put in front of her.


We live so unconsciously that we put this down to merely a craving, boredom, or just because you ‘fancy’ it.


And when you actually start to live consciously and become more awear of the true triggers caused by your thoughts and feelings it gets easier to be able to start to shift through them.


I find myself slipping back from time to time too, and this comes back to conditioning. We have lived and behaved in certain ways for most of our lives and often these habits and reactions take some practice to be finally being free from.


This is why my Focused Mind, Fierce Body formula is based around basic principals and daily rituals.


When I practice them daily, I get better, in fact life just gets better and it’s also so easy to get complacent and forget the real reasons why your doing them in the first place.


Last night as we sat down for our monthly meditation class at the studio it occurred to me that I haven’t done a meditation for a few weeks.


And it showed in my practice.


I found it hard to calm my mind.


Meditation is like anything, it takes practice, that’s not to say it’s hard, I just know when I was practicing more regularly I could get that clear head feeling more often and much quicker, it just feels more effective for me when done regularly, kind of like exercise. The more you do it consistently, the better results you get.


So instead of always wanting to go more, just slowing it down a little bit can actually help you to make huge leaps instead of constantly feeling stuck despite your attempts at grinding on.


Is it time for you to step out of the cycle and choose something different?


Slow down, mediate, breathe, take out the stress and ask yourself what is really going on?


Start to question those moments when you are stuck in an uncontrollable urge to eat something sweet or fatty (or whatever your vice may be)


What are you feeling in that moment? Take your time and really think about it.


What was the trigger? Was it something someone said? A thought that crossed your mind? What was the situation? What just happened?


What emotions did it stir? Where did it take you? What did you see in your mind?


When you can stop and start to tune in to these type of questions you start to realise that it has nothing at all to do with the food it’s self and much more to do with your situations, stress, feeling, emotions and beliefs.


And this is why I love working with people that are ready to address their mindset because it has amazing power for getting the life and the body that you truly desire.


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