My Top 7 Health Hacks For A Lean Body Of Health And A Happier Life

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Mar 15

So may seem like a lot of things to start getting right and these are the first starting points for my ‘Focused Mind, Fierce Body Formula’. Truth is it’s actually just a starting place but I would urge you to start small. Implement one thing at a time and just be conscious of the difference it makes to you and how it makes you feel.


You already have a lot going on and I actually want to help make your life easier not MORE stressful than it already is. When you start to practice these habits on a daily basis you will begin to move away from the stress and the grind and this practice soon becomes habit and that is when things start to feel that bit easier.


We want to move towards, creating new health habits that start to become ‘just one of those things’ that you do, it’s no longer hard and struggle it just becomes part of your daily routine.


You more than likely have a routine already, things you do each day. So this just looks at helping you to shift and add in daily health habits that will help you start to receive breakthrough results with your body but also all other areas of your life too.


You may be expecting all nutrition tips here, but see the thing is, once you get this lot nailed down, staying on track with your nutrition becomes far less stressful and much more do-able.


So lets get into it.


#1 – Green Smoothie –  

So I can almost sense your nose scrunching up in disgust at the thought of a green smoothie. There are many diffGreen smoothieerent recipes out there but truth is I like to keep mine super simple as I have mine first thing in the morning. Because like I said above, I am all about making life EASIER for you and easier means you are more likely to stick with it.


So for me keeping it simple means adding in my trusty Lean Greens. Using a good quality greens powder means you get in all of your nutrients in quick, easy and better tasting. Yes it’s always going to be better to use fresh veggies but for practicality, using a powder is just super simple, plus it tastes better too. I then add in fresh spinach, glutamine, flaxseed and a scoop of protein powder. Stick it in my nutribullet top it up with water, give it a whizz and I’m good to go. It tastes good (even my 1 year old enjoys it) and it fills me up packing in the nutrients before I need to dash out on the school run.



#2- Eat protein with every meal

Again one simple tool to help keep you feeling fuller for longer as well as giving your body what it needs in terms of nutrients to effectively recover from exercise. Choose lean cuts of meat such as chicken, turkey and fish as your main sources of protein and yes even get protein in at breakfast. I am always on the run in the mornings and so adding in a scoop of good quality protein powder into my morning smoothie helps me to get my protein in at breakfast. When deciding what a portion of protein is a good estimate is something the size of your clenched fist.


# 3 Carbs – Yes you CAN eat carbs, in fact realise that your body NEEDS carbs to survive. Finding the right balance of macro nutrients (protein, carbs and fats) is important to be able to create your lean body of health. When choosing carb sources go for natural and unprocessed sources. Fruit and vegetables are primarily carbohydrates and choose starchy carbs that are free from grains such as rice and rice noodles. Again getting the portion size right can really assist you in reaching your goals. A portion of carbohydrates would look like the size of flat hand so fill up on lots of colourful fresh veggies.


#4 De-Stress – If there is one thing that can cause your body to hold on to unwanted body fat (particularly around the belly area) it’s stress. Something that we as hard working, go getting busy mums have to deal with on a daily basis. Create sometime for YOU, to wind down and have more YOU time. You are important and you are worth it.


sport and yoga concept - girl sitting in lotus position and meditating

De-stressing can be achieved by following some of the next steps I use on a daily basis but it can also be as simple as getting a good nights sleep, adding in some yoga or Pilates to your training schedule, to getting away from the computer at lunch time and go for a walk. Identify the causes of your most stressful moments and what one thing could you implement today to de-stress even if it’s only small to start with?


Add in some meditation, again can be done in just a few minutes yet helps to regain calm and I’m always blown away by how doing even a short meditation allows me to get some head space and then I can go on to create and receive even more from life.


#5 – Daily Movement – Yes I said daily, like every damn day. Now I’m not saying you have to go and do a full workout every day, but getting up and moving will have such a huge impact, not only on your body but your head. Like I have mentioned above it could be just getting up at lunchtime and taking a walk. It could be getting out and playing with the kids. What movement looks like for you can be completely different from the next person. Find the activities that YOU love, if you enjoy it, it no longer feels like such hard work to keep up with it because it starts to become fun.


So dance, walk, yoga, climb, run, play, whatever floats your body. Even if you feel like you are stuck for time, creating time in your day for movement just helps to make you feel more epic, it improves your mood and your energy levels. It’s the reason I love doing home workouts because they can literally be done with no equipment and very little space yet can instantly lift your mood and boost your results.


#6 – Clear Your Head –

Success if found in your daily routine and it’s basically what this post is about, helping you to creating daily habits that work for you. I know that clearing my head works absolute wonders for me. One of the tools I utilise to clear my head as well as meditation is the use of a journal. Getting your thoughts out of your head and down on paper just helps it to make more sense of the millions of thoughts that fly through your mind on a daily basis. I love using the Daily Greatness journals, i just like the way they are set out, it makes it easy for you to focus on the things that will help to drive you forward.


This is how we start to live in more awareness but also create a better understanding of ourselves and the actions we take that shape the results that you currently experience.


A great practice to add to the end of each of your journal entries is to put in your daily wins. Just 3-5 wins for the day no matter how big or small. Recognising that we are winning in life helps to keep you motivated and progressing to the body and the life that you want, plus it makes a nice change from wanting to beat ourselves up all of the time, which leads nicely onto my final point.


# 7 Be Nicer To YOU –

As women we can be pretty harsh on ourselves and I see it all too often. I feel as a gender we focus all our attention on our body hang up’s, the bits that we hate, we grab our bodies and shame ourselves. I know I have done it many a time, grabbing my belly fat and feeling disgusted when I looked down at it. I have done this for years and it’s only when I started to show my body some love and appreciation, did things start to feel easier. The sweetie binges calmed down and I would feel less stressed about how my body looked.


The more I love myself the nicer I am to myself, the more confident I become and it’s a snowball effect as the healthy outside starts on the inside. And by this I mean that if you are working hard with your workouts to make up for being ‘bad’ with your eating and starving your body because you hate the way it looks it will always feel like struggle, sacrifice and a form of punishment. This is the exact reason that women yo-yo diet, because most diets are too restrictive and down right miserable it’s not sustainable.


Start by just taking notice of the parts of your body that you do like, maybe it’s your eyes, maybe your neckline, your cute little

Young beautiful, woman waking up fully rested.

dimples, maybe it’s your hair. Go in search and show your body some love and appreciation. Treat yourself from time to time with something that doesn’t involve eating, go for a massage , a spa day, go on retreat, schedule in some YOU time, something that allows you the time and space to enjoy life. When you change your mindset to come from a place of love things shift big time.


You start to WANT to eat the right foods that will help to nourish and fuel your body to give it bags of energy. You will move your body because it helps you to feel good, it lifts your mood and you enjoy how powerful it makes you feel. There is no happy ending to an unhappy journey, so start to find the joy that comes when you realise that YOU are the one in power and if you want to change your body for GOOD, the only person that can do it is you sat right there……IT’s YOU!!!


So which point will you start taking action on TODAY!!


It all starts with baby steps one day at a time.


Take away the stress and start to practice some of these daily habits and take note of anything that starts to shift for you.


If you enjoyed reading this blog I would love it if you would share with more women who are sick and tired of hating their bodies and stopping the punishment of the constant yo-yo dieting.


Emma Colsey-Nicholls



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