The Great Escape

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Mar 14

I’m back from another fantastic trip to the

This trip was mixing business with a little
bit of pleasure as we went to get some things
in place for our future plans.

I know for many people getting away on
holiday is the annual escape from the grind
of day to day life.

I get it, I see it in my husband as he is
suffering with quite a severe case of holiday
blues as he comes back to reality and is
going back to working away this week.

For me personally I am passionate about
living a life that I love every single day.

Life is too short to go and work at a job
that sucks the absolute life out of you.

You were not born to just pay the bills.

You were born to truly live and love life and
all that it brings.

YES, we all need to earn a living so why not
find joy and passion in the things that you
do already?

Yes I love my job, but I do still have days
when my workload can get hectic and running
around and rushing about after kids is a full
time job in it’s self.

So to find peace and joy in my day I practice
little things like daily gratitude.

Wake up in the morning and think of 3 things
that you are grateful for.

It’s a great way to start your day as you
can’t feel angry at life and grateful at the
same time.

We all have something to be grateful for no
matter how big or small.

Grateful that you have a roof over your head,
that you have a comfy bed to lie in, that you
have a healthy body that can get up and move.

Practice daily meditation, even if it’s only
for a few minutes

Meditation helps me to create space and peace
in my life that allows me to produce even

And Spring is the perfect time of year to start
practicing these daily habits

In fact as I learn from our yoga/meditation teacher
just the other day

Spiritually spring time is more powerful for
forming new habits and setting new intentions
than NYE! your in rhythm with nature and
nature will support your resolves, sankalpa,
hearts promise, resolutions.
Perfect for the spring awakening “ – Candice

A healthy body for life is always about creating
the habbits and daily rituals that will support
your mind and body to achieve body breakthroughs.

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Emma xx

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