You Deserve A Break

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Feb 28

You work hard, you are a go getter and you
love that, I love that about you


How many times do you hear yourself saying ‘I
need a break’?

How many times have you actually been away on
holiday and come back still with the feeling
of needing another break?

We wait for that long awaited holiday, and
then we finally get away.

We have the stress of travelling with kids,
constantly running around after them, filling
our faces with all the food and booze that we
can possibly fit in.

You come back, never feeling fully rested.
I’m sure this isn’t just me that does that is

Now don’t get me twisted I simply love
getting away on holiday BUT as a busy mum
with young kids plus the fact I do enjoy my
food and just a touch of alcohol while I’m
away, (just a touch honest), it can sometimes
be more hard work rather than relaxation.

Last year I went on retreat myself and it
literally blew my mind.

It was just 2 evenings away.

Just me, my book and I was joined by complete
strangers and took part in the yoga and
meditations sessions, ate clean food and took
some serious chill time.

Pure bliss….

It wasn’t just about the retreat, it was more
about what happened on the other side of

At the time I couldn’t remember a time when I
had felt so relaxed and can only be described
as feeling freeking awesome.

I came back from retreat and I felt
completely on fire and on form. I had ideas
and motivation coming out of my ears.

In fact it was right then that I simply knew
I had to go and create my own retreat, why
were more people not experiencing this??

I had taken so much away from this time but
also knew that there was so much more that I
would be able to give to my own clients.

Imagine getting away and giving your body,
mind and soul the break it desires.

Our weekend Retreat has been designed to help
you completely RELAX and re-energise with a
weekend of awesomeness.
Imagine going away and not worrying about
whether any healthy options will be available
because there will be a clean eating chef
there making all of your food for you.

Imagine your mind being able to completely
switch off as we guide you through a series
of mediation and mindfulness sessions.

Imagine getting out enjoying the glorious
countryside, moving your body soaking up
everything that the beautiful Lake District
destination has to offer.

Imagine being able to take a complete time
out, just for YOU!!

Most of the time we are on the go, working
the job, working on the relationships,
working on the body which is all awesome
stuff but we forget to find true happiness in
the here and now.

Relax with movement, relax the mind and
simply just BREATHE.

Because relaxation is the quicker and easier
way to real happiness, right there in that
moment of calm.

Jeezus I’m even getting myself worked up and
ready for the awesome blissfulness of this

We are taking a small group to Penrith
22nd-25th April CLICK HERE to find

out more

I will be running more Retreats, however this
is likely to be the only UK retreat this year
and such fantastic value for all that is
included in the weekend.

You DO deserve a break, so come and join us
and find out more HERE.

Emma ‘Blissed Out’ Colsey-Nicholls

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about the event, hit reply now

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