Change Your Response, Change Your Results

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Feb 23

Do you get triggered by certain people?

You know the ones who really just seem to be
able to rub you up the wrong way?

Sometimes it can be people that we are really
close to, I know for many people it’s often
family members or possibly the mother in law.

Then others you just have to look at a
picture on instagram to know your don’t like
that biach.

So why do we get so triggered by certain
people, and what the hell has this got to do
with you getting into shape?

Through digging more into the world of
managing mindset, there is the belief that the
traits that trigger us in other people, is
often just a reflection of YOU.

So what I mean is, the things that set you
off, or make you want to pull their eyeballs
out, is usually because you see something in
that person that you don’t like about
yourself, OR, that you see something in them,
that you wish you had more of.

I remember watching a conference recording
from one of my old Mentor, Marci’s events.
At the event I saw her dancing on stage and
getting all up in peoples faces, and then she
got her abs out and was doing some Beyoncé
style dancing.

I initially though OMG what a div, who the
hell does that??

Then I caught this thought, not only was I
judging her, but I started to see I was
triggered by this because I have my own self
confidence issues.

Was I so triggered by her because I am
actually a bit envious of how confident she

Now I know a lot of you will be like, whoa!!
I HATE such and such, and it aint because I
want to be like them.

But just stay with that for a moment. Start
to ask yourself exactly what is it about that
person that riles you up so much?

This is what you start to practice when you
choose to live in a place of consciousness.

Becoming more awear of the thoughts feelings
and emotions that flow through you.

There is research showing we have between
50,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day.

I don’t know how accurate that can be, but
wholly shitballs that’s a LOT of stuff
running through your mind on a daily basis.

And how much of that are you even awear of??

Some of it you will disregard and some you
will use to respond to and form your actions
and re-actions.

And it’s the responses that I am interested

You see if you want more happiness, it can
come from simply realising that we cannot
control anything outside of ourselves. So you
can’t change people, the only thing you CAN
do, is change how you respond to them.

Because usually when we respond to, or are
triggered by something we place judgement on
the other person and indeed ourselves.

Maybe it was something the other person said
to you. Something that could have stuck or
you could have taken on in a completely
different way to what it was intended.

And this is where I love to use the work of
Byron Katie (check out her book, Loving What
Is), it’s really changed the way I look at

It has brought me more peace with my
relationships, but also my relationship with

The less criticism and judgment I place on
myself and on others the happier I am.

The happier I am, the easier it for me to
stay on track with my eating and nutrition
because I come from a place of peace rather
than being in constant struggle, battle and
feeling stuck in good old victim mode again.

It’s actually really hard to piss me off
these days. My kids have a pretty good go
most days, but I just love it, it’s like
adding to my arsenal of super powers where no
one can touch me.

If you get pissed off a LOT I would defiantly
recommend Byron Katie’s book, it will
literally change your life.



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