The Nothing Is Your Everything

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Feb 22

So this last week passed and I feel like I
haven’t really done all that much.

It’s easy for us to focus on thing the things
we haven’t done rather than all of the
awesome things we DID do (as I made note to
one of my clients just this morning about doing

Whenever the kids are on ½ term I always like
to make sure that we do something to make
sure we are getting out an enjoying our time
together as a family.

We did take a trip to a Manchester museum but
that was about it really.

I actually really enjoy just spending time
together at home, enjoying a little more
relaxed pace, not having to get up at a
certain time to go and hit the school run of
a morning.

I also felt that due to the amount of rain we
have had, has meant I have not been out
anywhere near as much as I would have liked.

You see, I simply LOVE getting outside.

And even when the weather can be a little bit
shitty I don’t even mind being out in the
rain, as long as I’m wrapped up. However having
kids out with me in the cold and rain, aint
so much fun so I tend to swerve that one.

I did however, get out for a run last week
and that little bit of outdoor’ness (real
word) are the moments I cherish.

Being out in open space just makes me feel
fantastic both mentally and physically.

It’s being able to take a moment, point my
face towards the sunshine, take a deep
breathe and feel freedom and gratitude
It has a real effect on my ability to keep
powering forward. It just makes me better at
doing what I do.

It’s the reason I created the Unstoppable You

Just being out in nature just does it for me,
and I know there will be so many of you that
will also feel completely transformed in
such a short space of time simply by being
in the great outdoors and enjoying this
whole mind body based weekend.

The outdoors allows me to just slow the pace
and be open to awesomeness that is all around

Just taking the time to realise and
appreciate even the tiniest even trivial of
things and realise just how amazing life is.

You see when you start to appreciate even the
most ordinary of things on a daily basis your
whole mind shifts to want to receive more of
that and you start to search for it in
everything you do and see.

We all know those super negative people. The
one’s who look for the problem in every

I have been practicing becoming the polar
opposite of that.

Yeah I’m that super annoying positive person
who is pretty happy and cheery most of the

In fact if super positive people do annoy you
do check in on the next email, as I will be
explaining exactly WHY you get triggered by
certain traits in people.

Yeah I have the odd off day, but my daily
habits that I choose to take action on keep
me in the good headspace a lot more often
than I’m in the bad ones.

And it simply does begin with daily habits
and rituals that I have come to learn and

And while it can take some practice these
things just soon become habit and that’s when
you start to notice the changes in everything
you do, in order to get more of what you want.

With how you feel and the actions and
‘reactions’ that start to come as an
automatic response.

What could you do to start adding in more
positive actions into your world?

Do you enjoy being outdoors?

Could you make the conscious effort to get
out and soak it up more often?

How often do you just take the time to slow down
and take in the awesomeness that surrounds

Do you even notice that its’ there?

Emma ‘Just Open Your Eye’s’ Colsey-Nicholls

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