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By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Feb 18

The last couple of months with Christmas
followed by 2 holidays have meant that I
kind of coasted with my body and with my

Now don’t get me wrong.

I still train most days and eat clean about
60-70% of the time, that is just my norm.

That is the stuff that just comes easy it’s
part of who I am, and just how I choose to
live my life, that is the stuff that becomes
‘easy’ with simple daily habits.

BUT my body and my fitness have remained the

I am totally ok with that, but having that,
has allowed me the space to be able to go on
and create even more.

I am now in the headspace where I am ready to
take my training and nutrition up a notch,
and that has started today with my first
longer run in a little while.

A steady 9k, the sun was shining and I got
home feeling completely on fire.

(well apart from the fact I forgot about a
call I had scheduled in, and that was simply
because I didn’t schedule my day the night
before. Lesson learnt, always do my evening

So anway, I have always been of the mindset
that I HATED running.

I just didn’t enjoy it, it takes too long,
and I didn’t have the time for that!!

Give mea short intense energy boosting High
Intensity Interval Training session any day.


Because I decided to up the distance of mud
run races I was doing, it simply meant that
running had to be included in my training
schedule if I wanted to be any good at it.

So off I set, first of all hating on every
single step of the way but as I resided to
fact it was something I got to do if I am
going do run mud runs, so I would suck it up
and keep doing it.

I would look for the little things that I did
like about it, and for me the best thing I
started to
love was the space I was creating for myself.

You see when you are running, there is just
you, out in nature alone with your thoughts
and some banging tunes (supper cheesy tunes
in my case) pumping through my Beats

I came back from my run today feeling

It gives me time to think about stuff and
just process it.

I actually liken it to meditation in many

So often we go, go , go, allowing yourself
space is something may people struggle with,
well I know I have.

And a lot of allowing space for us comes down
to more internal matters linked to our own
self worth.

Learning to love and appreciate yourself can
literally work miracles.

Here are some examples that might resonate
with you and they are simply a sign that self
worth may be something that is a trigger for

Are you very self-critical?
Do you overeat, binge or use alcohol to
sedate yourself of a weekend?
Do you choose to believe you are unlovable?
Do you procrastinate on doing things that you
know will benefit you?

There are many ways in which people express
their lack of self worth and the belief that
something is wrong with us or that we are not
good enough.

For me it all started when I began working
with the internal game and became conscious
of the actions I was taking, that were
actually just a reflection of my self worth
and how much I loved myself, or didn’t as was
the case for me.

So for instance I have just been for a run
while my kids are in childcare.

In the past this was something I would feel
guilty about.

How could I run while my kids are at nursery?
I ‘should’ be the one looking after them,
that’s my job. What would other people think?
I should be spending this time working..

Self judgement right there my friend, that and also
being overly concerned about what other
people think, instead of only being concerned
about what I think and how creating time for
myself allows me to build a greater
relationship with my kids and with myself.

It always amazes me how much can be created
on the other side of that space.

I still have times when life, circumstances
and issues come up and I embrace each and
every one as a lesson to me, and then to find
a way to work around it.

And this is what creating more conscious
awareness is about.

Learning to understand yourself better and
why you make the choices and decisions that
you do in relation to how you treat your
body, and why you can never stick to your
diet, or why it feels so damn hard.

So where in your life could you create a
little space to be able to gain some

In your relationships?

In your career?

With your body?

And what could you do to go and create that

Could you meditate? Could you workout? Could
you just go for a walk? Could you just sit
and do nothing and ponder your thoughts, or
even better get them down on paper?

Find some time in your day to create space, to
open up to having and receiving more back in

Emma ‘Feeling Roomy’ Colsey-Nicholls

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