Get Out Of Your Own Way

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Feb 11

After a mere comment on a cute picture of a
dog wearing a coat, I tagged my husband in
the picture and, bam, decision made we are
getting another dog.

Wahoooo Puppy!!!!

And it got me thinking about how impulsive I

I think it’s something that has always been in
me but as I think about where is has got me….

You see I get an idea about something and
that’s it, I’m off on one discovering ways to
make it happen.

Weather it was to get married at the age of
23, or to go on some holiday, or like after
doing Spartan beast last year, and discovering
snow Spartan existed, then it was booked within
a few weeks.

To deciding to go it alone and open my own
studio while I was still pregnant, to more
recently deciding to up steaks and move to

And then even more recently as yesterday to
get a new dog.

I also think back to the time that I started
with my very first mentor Paul Mort.

I was doing ok within my business but there
was always a sense of struggle and the idea
that with some help that I would be able to
achieve more.

So hell yes I was scared, if you don’t know
Paul he is a pretty big personality and at
the time to me, pretty intimidating.

Not to mention I didn’t have the £2,000 to pay for
his fees.

But once again I held my breath and hit that
buy now button.

With that and any of the other decisions I
have made I can’t think of a single one that
I have ever regretted doing.

Did it always go to plan?

No… but even those experiences taught me
something and helped me to grow and develop
to where I am today.

So my message to you today is to just get out
of your own way.

So often I see and hear people saying “I want
this, BUT………”

You see the ‘but’ is just blocking the flow
of your positive energy and stops you in your

Your inability to make a decision is just showing
that you don’t trust yourself. That distrust may
come from a past experience that you continue
to cling on to and continue to let hold you back.

And in reality the ONLY blocks we really have
are often just created in our minds by our
thoughts, ideas and attitudes.

All we want is peace and happiness right?

And you achieve that by allowing yourself
more of the things you want in life, so why
not allow yourself that by just becoming a
‘Fuck Yes’ Person?

If you want something get out of your own way
and allow yourself to create it.

Maybe you just want a day off to relax and do
nothing, but ………..

I want to go and exercise, but ………..

I want to lose some weight but ……

I want to eat healthier but……

I would really love a massage but…….

I would love to have the time to meditate

I would really love to come on your amazing
retreat but……..

>>Seriously I know you want to come on my
>>retreat because it’s going to be freeking

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When in actual fact whatever comes after the
‘but’ is what you are committing to.

The shit, the story, the attitude of can’t
have, or indeed telling yourself that you are
not worthy or don’t deserve it.

When the hell are you going to start trusting
yourself, your needs wants and desires are
the energies that inspire growth and movement
in you.

So stop blocking them with your BUT’s, and
instead look for ways that make it possible.

Because when you can allow yourself to do
the things you love, and make you feel alive,
things feel lighter, you create more freedom,
more peace and indeed much more happiness.

I mean come on, how much happiness does a
person get from having a new puppy in the
house eeeeeekkkkkk.

I have literally just had a phone call from
by Dad, saying “But I thought you were saving
everything for the move??”

My response is simply, yes and I want it all.

Emma ‘Doing It Anyway’ Colsey-Nicholls

PS – Both the one day intensive and the weekend
retreat do still have availability but it’s only
for people that want to choose to be in a ‘Fuck Yes’


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