Where The Hell Are You Going?

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Feb 09

So as I was on a call with one of my clients
last week and she was stuck in a complete
whirlpool of nothingness.

So as we started to dig into it, she was
telling me that she just couldn’t seem to get
her focus on with her eating or her training
and at the time she couldn’t really put her
finger on why.

If anything she just felt like she was stuck
under a black cloud. Knowing that she
‘should’ be doing something, yet still
couldn’t find the motivation to start to put
anything into place.

As we started to dig in a little deeper it
became apparent that she was feeling stuck in
a rut with her business too, not sure which
direction to go in. To go back into education
or to take a complete change in career, she
just felt like she had no idea where she was

With this in mind do you think it’s any
wonder the eating and exercising wasn’t

When it comes to getting in shape you simply
have to consider that ALL aspects of your
life will affect your ability to keep your
body on track.

This is why on my coaching programs we always
work with the principles of balancing your
body, your relationship with yourself, your
relationship with those close to you and also
your career.

How can you expect to achieve anything in any
area if you have no idea where it is that you
want to go?

I like to use the analogy of getting into a
car and ‘just’ going for a drive. With no
clear intentions, no address plugged into the
sat nav, just driving.

How can you expect to end up at your
destination if you don’t know what that is?

You just wouldn’t do it though would you? You
don’t get in a car and just drive around for
the hell of it?

You see getting up and doing the work, means
nothing at all if there is no clear goal or
intention, it just feels hard and kind of

And not just with your body, what is it that
you want from your life?

When you get clear on what it is you want in
all core 4 aspects of you life.

It becomes easier, when you have some focus
rather than cluelessley moving through the
days, weeks, months and years.

I know I have done this.

I would have ‘sort of’ an idea of the things
that I wanted to achieve but never really
wrote it down, thought it through, let alone
set any intentions or plans of how I was
going to get it.

Most of us wake up without a plan and expect
there to be magical results at the end of the
day and wonder why we end up just feeling
dissatisfied and frustrated when nothing ever

What if you could set aside some time to gain
some real clarity on where it is you are
trying to go?

What difference do you think that would make
to your life, and indeed your results across
your core 4?

We are going to be doing just this on the one
day intensive coaching on the 9th April.

I know when I started to do this process I
started to achieve much more.

Getting up and getting shit done on a daily
basis just got easier. It got easier and I
started to get more done than ever before.

And the rewards from that are that life feels
fun, it feels exciting and I am now as a
result much happier, and far less stressed.

Having purpose and direction in your life is
the thing that will have you waking up each
day with a smile on your face and fire in
your belly and the feeling that little old
YOU can actually make a difference to
yourself and those around you and knowing
that you are moving forwards towards your

This is exactly what I will be teaching on
the one day intensive.

How you can gain real clarity on your goals
in ALL areas.

Build the plan, draw it out exactly.

Then create together an exact blueprint of
how you are going to execute it.

A direct action plan that you can begin to
execute the very next day

Digging into the blocks that have been
holding you back releasing them to achieve
unstoppable results in all areas of your

We will be walking through all four areas of
your life and how to create the mindset for
success, using all of my hacks and tactics to
get crystal clean and become a real goal

If the last one is anything to go by, it a
day to remember that could quite possibly
change your life.

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