Feb 08

So all last week I have been posting on my
Facebook page about showing ourselves a
little more self love.

Now I know that it sounds like some hippy
bullshit but I come from a place of my own

As someone who has hated my own body for most
of my life, it’s only when I started
working with mindset and how the brain works
has it finally clicked for me.

I took some progress shots the other day and
I actually posted them up on my facebook fan


For the first time in a long time I feel
pretty happy with my body.

Yes I still want some more changes, but I’m
finally at a place where I can have a little
more love and appreciation for a tummy that I
have despised all my adult life.

In fact when I look back at pictures of me in
my early 20’s, in the pictures my tummy looks
completely flat, yet I know I have had a
problem with it that I can remember as far
back as being a 6 year old little girl.

I would grab my belly and pull it and even
get angry with myself for my lack of will
power and be disgusted with myself because I
always felt it looked disgusting and was

Now I’m not there yet, where I can honestly
say I love my belly, but, with work I am
getting there.

I know have more appreciation for my tummy
that, lets face it, it’s part of who I am.

It nurtured and grew 2 healthy happy boys.

And despite having some overlying fat it’s
actually pretty strong.

So how do you start to show yourself more
self love without feeling like a big fake.

First off just start with the things that you
DO like about yourself and be appreciative
for those parts.

Each time you find something that you do like
then add another each day.

Soon you go from the place of being, meh so
I’m ok.

Towards a place of WTF, I’m a complete hot
rocking badass.

You see the more you get towards that place,
the more you become empowered to want to feel
even more awesome.

When you learn to love yourself a little more
it’s far easier to choose the right foods to
fuel your body. It’s far easier to want to
workout regularly because you WANT to rather
than feeling like you HAVE to.

The subconscious mind does not want to be
forced to do anything. Force yourself and you
will always end up back in sabotage as your
inner rebel kicks in and you have your fuck
it moment (again).

When it comes from a place of love and
appreciation for yourself it gets to be

Stop judging yourself and comparing yourself
to others, do what feels good and right for

Workout and eat right because you love your
body, not because you hate it.

These are just an insight to some of the
amazing and powerful mindset tools that I
will be teaching on my one day intensive live
coaching event in April (and of course on the
90 day program)

Because this is the stuff that has changed my
life to where I am happier and have got to my
leanest far easier than ever before.

Make sure you opt in to get my free stopping
sabotage training to learn more

Emma ‘I’m Human Too’ Colsey-Nicholls

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