What’s That?

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Feb 02

That’s a reply I got on my twitter from one
of my posts about taking time out for you.

I get that go-getter business owners and
career people are set with the thought that
success has to look a certain way.

That to be successful you have to work all
the hours god sends, in order for you to
justify what you earn or in order to feel
good enough.

Believe me I have been there.

Starting my own fitness studio from scratch
whilst also being a full time mum and having
a husband who worked away.

At times it has been hard.

Juggling my commitments to want to make my
studio a success whilst also raising my kids.

Constantly on the go, and even though I
worked in fitness I took very little time to
work on my own body never mind take some real
time out for myself.

The result was that I was ALWAYS chasing my

The next big idea for the studio, looking for
ways to keep the kids occupied.

As a result I felt shit in body, I lacked
confidence and my relationship with my
husband was pretty none existent.

So yeah I get it

I also got the point where I was on the verge
of divorce and the realisation that things
simply had to change.

Working, pushing, grinding in the pursuit of
happiness was draining and exhausting and
anything BUT happy.

Always telling myself that when I hit the
next fitness goal, the next financial goal,
when we had so much money……. Thennnn I would
be happy

It’s only when I allowed myself the space and
time for ME, that I could see the bigger and greater

Became more mindful about my subconscious
behaviours that were keeping me on the
hamster wheel.

The moment when I could start to find
appreciation and happiness in every little
thing I did.

The realisation that happiness is not a

It cannot be obtained by anything outside of
you, no external person, place or thing, not
the money, not the house, not the holidays.

Happiness is a state of being, it’s a choice
that you get to act upon daily.

As I found space I also found more self love.
Love for a body that I had hated on and
punished for most of my adult life.

The more I invested in myself the more love,
gratitude, confidence, growth and happiness I
would receive.

As I created space I realise that there is so
much awesomess already there, I was
just so busy in chasing MORE that I never
took the time to appreciate what I already

So yes I believe in a hard work ethic to
create the amazing life that you want for
yourself, and the more I focus on ME, the
bigger the steps forward that I make.

Allowing yourself the space and time to
realise that you are enough just as you are
RIGHT NOW is incredibly empowering.

Remembering that you have everything you will
ever need already inside of you.

Learn to step into that light.

And it is this stuff that inspires me to keep
sharing what I have learnt and the path I am
now on, because once you do, life is just

I can’t wait to help more go getters to take
a step back on my one day event and my
weekend retreat, and when they do, will
realize that they are then able to go and GET
even more than before.


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learn just how productive taking time out is.

Emma ‘Invest In You’ Colsey-Nicholls

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