Is It All Happy Clappy BS?

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Jan 31

So yes I am a massive fan of positive

And think about this; everything that was
ever created all started with a thought.

But results do not happen by osmosis and as
much as people believe in the law of
attraction, for which, I do think it has some
influence, BUT I also believe that there must
also be positive ACTION.

From that very first thought/wish/dream we
have to attach some emotion to it.

If you have no emotion attatched it will
never drive your desire to put forward any

This is why I always encourage my clients to
find meaning and depth to their goals.

Why do you even give a shit?

You see when you are driven by emotions, this
then leads to action and it’s the action that
you take, the work that is required, to get
you the results.

An you know what, it doesn’t always go your
way. So when the going gets tough if there is
not enough emotion atattched quitting is by
far the easiest option and off you go back to
square one.

I love creating some time on a Sunday to
review the week that has passed, look at what
went well, what resistance came up and what I
get to address for the week moving forward.

I have been feeling a bit off with my energy
the last few days and it has really impacted
my thoughts.

I have had a bit of a wobble the last few
days, wondering if I’m doing the right

Doubting myself, judging myself, thinking I’m
not good enough.

You see we all get them, the thoughts that
can either send us off track into a spiral of
a self induced pity party

Or catch them, look at the causes,

why do I feel this way?

What was the trigger?

Is it even true?

Learn the lesson, flip it to a positive and
drive on for more awesomesness.

This way I can keep moving forward with
constant expansion towards my goals, and in
the end getting more of what I want.

I love teaching this method as it’s such a
BIG game changer for so many people.

These little dips that are keeping you stuck
in your cycle of sabotage.

I am teaching this and in fact ALL of my top
mindset hacks on my one day event in April.

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If you want something, it’s down to YOU to
make it happen.


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