10ft Walls And Half Naked Men

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Jan 26

I am back from another epic adventure with
some amazing people, as we took on the Snow
Spartan and we absolutely loved every second.

As we were sat on the plane heading out to
France as I glanced out of the window I saw
the amazing site of the sun rising just above
the cloud line.

Such and amazing and beautiful sight, it
really took me for a moment.

I sat for a few seconds and closed my eyes
and just felt truly grateful for the sight I
was seeing, for the adventure I was about to
set upon.

But as the weekend continued I found myself
being appreciative for all that was around

I know a lot of people think that we are

Running up and down mountains in the snow!!
For FUN!!

You see here is the thing.

Yes it is bloody hard work, and can I say that
I enjoy the pain I put myself through?

Well no, not at the time, I find it just as
hard as you probably would.

My legs were burning, it was hard to breathe,
I struggled to get my breathing under

Yet as I struggled my way up the mountain side
even through the pain and breathlessness I
felt a great sense of appreciation and

That I was in this amazing place, up a snowy
mountain and that my body was able to take me
there, that I was surrounded by a group of
amazing people that I really do love.

I could look and soak up the scenery and I
found myself just smiling.

Even after I cut my hand open and smashed my
elbow on a rock I could only feel pretty
invincible as I stood back up and carried on.

And then finally at the end the only thing
that stood between me and the finish line was
a 10 foot wall.

I just thought for a moment, there was no way I could get
over it, standing at just 5,4ft this thing was
almost twice as tall as me

There were no stepping block like I have had
on previous races.

It was just me v’s the wall

It was only when the woman on the side line
said to me

“come on girl, you have got this far”

I took 3 runs at it, but finally on the 4th
attempt I managed to jump high enough
and get my saw and bloody hand on the top of
the wall, and somehow managed to pull myself
over the top.

I literally could not believe I had managed
to do it!!!


I tell you, that feeling right there is the
reason I do these runs and will continue to
push myself with life challenges.

Because when you overcome something that
looked almost impossible, then that is when
you move on to achieve even greater things in

I did that all on my own and all I needed was
a few words of encouragement and the decision
that giving up was NOT an option.

Where in your life do you see the blocks in
your road? Where have you used these blocks
as an excuse to give up?

Whatever is blocking your path, don’t give up
on them, even if it takes you more that one

Failure is no match to a strong will and

And the rewards of self satisfaction is worth
every bit of effort.

So if you want something in life and it’s
truly important to you, it’s worth taking
more than one shot at it.

If you need that someone on the sideline that
can help you handle those roadblocks then

Opt in and get yoru free training Video on

HOW to overcome blocks and sabotage.


Let me know what’s blocking you and how we
can assist you in breaking that shit down.

Plus once the race was over I also fully
appreciating the mix changing rooms with a
room full of super HOT half naked men. Yessss

Yes I am married but a woman can still
appreciate the fine form of a hunky man,

Remember that the rewards on the other side
of those blocks will ALWAYS be worth it.

Emma ‘Be Awersome’ Colsey-Nicholls

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