It’s Just Where You Are At

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Jan 19

When I speaking to people on a daily basis
there is a whole load of frustration and pain
that you face.

Pain and stress.

Pain of not liking what you see when you look
in the mirror.

Stress over where you are in your life.

Frustrated with the lack of progress and
wanting something else for yourself.

It’s pretty normal for people to look into
the future and have dreams and hopes of where
they want to be, this is what we do along with the
whole goal setting process.

This is the ‘where you are’ v’s ‘where you
wish you were’

The fastest path to getting what you want is
to be able to deal with where you are right

Be clear and honest with yourself

You see the problem with looking at where you
should be, is a cause of constant stress and
judgement and then just beating yourself up
about it

leading to you just feeling shittier.

Instead just look at where you are and start
to map out the steps it’s going to take you
to where you want to be.

This way you can deal with what’s going on in
the here and now, and look at the reasons that
you are STUCK.

Sometimes the reasons that you are stuck are
not always clear.

Sometimes it’s surface things that can be
easily shifted, sometimes we have to dig a
little deeper and delve into your unconscious
commitments and WHY you seem to be committed
to staying stuck in this pattern.

And yet with all this stress and pain life is
passing you by and it feels anything but

And if there is one thing that I am
passionate about it’s helping more people to
enjoy life.

To live in a body of health that you feel
good in.

To feel like you are experiencing life and
not just watching it pass you by.

This is a commitment I have made for myself.

I look at the things I enjoy the most and I
work on how I can experience more of that.

As I mentioned yesterday, two of my favourite
things are mud runs and travel.

So I am combining the 2, on Thursday I am
heading off to France with a team of our
members who are also wanting to experience
more from life.

Doing the things that scare you, once in a
lifetime experiences that will stay with you
for many years to come and that will help to
build and grow character.

We are also off to Italy later in the year as
well as some UK events.

It’s also why I have launched my first
retreat 25-28th April

After going on a mini retreat last year I just
simply fell in love with the experience and knew
it was something I want to be able to share with
more people

I will be taking a group up to the Lake
District for a weekend of activity, clean
eating, mediation, yoga and mind-set

I can’t tell you how hyped I am about this,
it’s going to be amazing!!

Assisting you on the path of getting and
being more of what you want to be.

Enjoying and experiencing life, adventure,
nature and loving the amazing journey that is


Take a look at where you are today. Then look
at the gap between where you want to be.

What small action can you take to start being
the person that you want to be?

Do you want more adventure?

Do you want more experiences?

Do you want a leaner body of health?

The only difference between where you are
today and where you want to be is the action
you take.

Emma ‘Live It’ Colsey-Nicholls

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