What’s Your Worth?

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Jan 14

I’m so freeking excited for this coming
Monday, as I kick off the next 90 day mind
body transformation I know that these peeps
are in for a hell of a ride.

I have been busy learning, practicing and
creating even more content and super
effective tools and techniques that you will
fall in love with. (Those booked on you will
be getting access later today)

I have also been on a few calls with my guys
and one thing really hit me, though the
circumstances are different, a lot of the
same thoughts and feelings keep cropping up
time and time again.

Feelings of being stuck in a rut and on the
constant diet trap and getting nowhere fast.

You see when we start to learn the power of
the mind and the mind-set you can realise
just how easy it can be.

Think about this…..

The results that you currently have are a
direct response to what you believe you are
worthy of and how committed you are to
getting what you say you want.

As women we spend so much time running around
and taking care of everyone else we are
constantly putting ourselves at the back of
the pile.

I get it, we just want out partners, our kids
to be happy we want to do a good job and keep
our career on track.

Yet the result is that YOU are stressed to
the max and actually very un happy.

Tired stressed out and feel helpless with
your body.

When I talk about making YOU, your number one
priority I can often get the judgement cast
upon me that it’s selfish.

But once you realise that you ARE your number
one priority things start to change.

I know through my own experience on the days
when I put myself to the back of the queue, I
end up grumpy, tired stressed out and this in
turn leads me to want to eat crap and also
affects the connection I have with my husband
and kids.

So you see there is nothing selfish about
serving yourself first as it actually just
makes you better at being able to serve
everyone else.

So it’s time to start putting YOU first

Invest in yourself and commit to change
because you are worth it (yes I did just go
all L’Oreal on your ass)

Or you can stay as you are and let another
year pass going nowhere

Life passes far too quickly the time is now
to act on getting end living everything that
you want.

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Emma ‘Number One’ Colsey-Nicholls

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