Set The Daily Success Habits

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Jan 11

So we rolling yet??

I know we all start the New Year with amazing
intentions, yet it is sooooo easy to get
stuck in a blip of overwhelm.

Feeling like there is just so much to do,
that in fact you never actually really get

You see real success in getting the body, the
life, the work balance all comes down to your
daily rituals.

Over the last 3 weeks my normal daily
rituals, the little things that I do each day
to keep me moving forward have been pretty

The 2 weeks of Christmas followed by a week
on the slopes have been awesome and in fact
it was a lesson in itself to remind my just
how important those rituals are to me.

So rather than feeling the overwhelm I like
to look at addressing some small daily
habits one bit at a time.

Things that I implement each day that when
done consistently have a HUGE impact on my

In fact as I sat down at my computer
yesterday, to over 700 emails in my inbox I
will admit that I was in complete overwhelm.

That scary moment when you thing OH FUCK I
have sooooooo much to do.

So rather than staying there I took action to
break the feeling and it was something so
simple as to just journal my thoughts and get
them down on paper.

The result was that today I woke up in power
and clear about what I needed to get done.

You see 99% of the time overwhelm will just
lead to procrastination.

Which in short means that you get nothing
done despite having so much to do.

Ever done that?? In fact I would also suggest
that the procrastination is just another form
of your own self sabotage.

I go into this a LOT on the 90 day

Overwhelm, procrastination, self sabotage all
things that I have struggled with a LOT on my
own journey and it’s what had kept me stuck
in the cycle for so long.

These are all just ways of proving your self
limiting beliefs right.

That you are not good enough

That it’s too hard

That it wont work for you

And this will continue to be the case until
you try something different.

Until you go internal and start to break down
these blocks

So you can keep on with the next
diet/detox/weight loss program, or you can
become open to the possibility that your
results with your body, your business/career and
your relationships are never going to change
until YOU change.

The change starts small with your daily

And actually mine are pretty simple to
implement as they don’t take up much time and
yet have a HUGE impact on the results you

Green smoothie

And these are just the base tools that I
teach on the 90 day transformation

And because it’s a 12-week program we build
the process up bit-by-bit so overwhelm and
procrastination get completely crushed.

You are left with a clear action plan that
works with and around YOU and helps you to
breakthrough all of the barriers that
normally hold you back year after year.

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Emma ‘Do It Daily’ Colsey-Nicholls

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