Only IF You Are Ready To Level Up This Year

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Jan 01

So the New Year is upon us and I truly hope
that you are filled with excitement for the
year ahead?

For me the last year has been pretty amazing,
and one that I have come to learn a lot and I
kind of feel like this is just the tipping
point for me.

So as I set my goals and intentions for the
year ahead, this just gets me even MORE worked
up and ready to go at 2016 full steam ahead.

What about you??

Really I want to know…..

Did you get chance to watch the goal setting
mastery training I gave to you??

If not, what are you waiting for?

You can still get access HERE

Getting more of what you want with your body
but also in every aspect of your life.

Maybe you have some career goals you are
going for.

Have family/relationship goals

What ever they are, the only person that is
standing in your way is YOU.

And the process of GOAL GETTING is simply
about daily practices.

Soooooo many people set of with goals or
resolutions yet about 2% of people are
actually hitting those goals, so what is it
that stops you succeeding??

We all have shit that shows up from time to
time, in fact some people more often than

But here is the thing, it’s how you REACT to
these situations that leads you to a decision
that either moves you closer to the goal or
further away.

Most people react on an unconscious level.
Your reptilian brain takes over in these
situations and you make a snap decision that
leads you back down a path of failure or fuck

It’s kinda like driving around on a
roundabout and not being able to take the

You have seen the National Lampoon films
right? The one where Chevy Chase is driving
around that crazy roundabout in Paris and
just can’t take the exit and so is going
round and round and round.

When you choose to lean into these
unconscious behaviors and patterns and start
to question what is REALLY going on that you
begin to be able to develop the ability to
make different choice, and finally get off the
constant cycle of fuck ups and set backs.

Do that, and that is when you start to get
BIG ASS Breakthroughs.

And that is what I am passionate about
helping you with.

Because it has literally changed my life and
upped my happy’omiter (real word) beyond what
I thought was possible.

I’m so excited about those coming on the 2016
90 day mind/body transformations.

Here is what Tracy achieved on the last

“Come to the end of the program and feeling
pretty amazing. 10lb lighter ,10inch smaller,
reached my ideal goal weight. Also feel so
much better in myself I looked at the first
pictures we did and the words I wrote round
them. I’ve either reached those targets or
made progress towards them. I’m feeling
strong, confident, sexy. IBS is under
control, no headaches, not as weary n
lethargic, I’m happier, more in control of my
eating and emotions. I really do just feel so
much bloody better on the INSIDE. I’ve learnt
you can’t change other people but you can
change the way you react to them, you only
get out as much as you get in. A MASSIVE
thank you to Emma, your amazing and such an

Because it’s time to get off that roundabout.
When you start to feel good on the inside the
outside starts to take care of it’s self.

Because that feeling of strong, sexy and confident
is quite literally priceless.

Emma ‘Shit Works’ Colsey-Nicholls


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