Winning Start To 2016

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Dec 28

As the end of the year draws in it really is
the perfect time to look back review things.

Mull them over and ask yourself what do you
want more of in 2016?

I have been using the time to get really
clear over a few things and get myself set up
for an amazing 2016.

For me personally as the years pass things
just seem to get better and better.

A few years back I had a rough year with one
thing and another, not only was my
relationship on the rocks but I was seriously
stressed out with running my business.

Stress levels were high, my eating habits
despite being healthy, I simply could not get
a handle on my sweetie cravings and binges.

So over this last year I have spent a bit
more time focusing on ME.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in life and
indeed everyone else’s BS we very often get
pushed to the back of the pile of priorities.

This is the year, this has all changed for

As a result I am in a place where I am
happier than I have ever been in my life.

My stress levels have reduced dramatically.

I have learnt and grown a hell of a lot and
actually feel like this is just the beginning
of even bigger and better things for me as I
have so many changes planned for the year

With such a big year coming up (I promise I
will reveal all soon enough) it’s important
to me that I maintain my current level of
happiness and keep those stress levels down.

Because when I do that, everything else is
exactly where I want it to be.

With this in mind I have been developing my
own goal setting process that is going to
help me ensure that I WILL get EVERYTHING
that I want this year.


I’m going to share this process with you

I’m committed to helping you lot achieve your
very best and to live happier and healthier
lifestyles with ease.

I am just putting the finishing touches to
this training and it will be with you very
soon so make sure you are registered to
get your copy HERE.

Unstoppable Goal Setting

In the mean time I wanted you to check out
these planners and journals.

I have got myself the daily greatness journal
and also the business planner.

These planners together with my goal setting
master class will set you up for an epic

You see when you get VERY clear on what you
want and get an action plan in place early on
you are far more likely to achieve what you
set out to get.

“Obstacles are the things we see when we take
our eyes off the goal” – Zig Ziglar


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