Why 19 Out Of 20 Dieters WILL Fail

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Dec 15

So today I had a bit of a flash back.

Actually I was more caught in a moment.

That moment was one of complete stress,
frustration, overwhelm and self judgement all
rolled into one, that lead me right back to a
feeling of victim mentality.

This year all the work I have been doing with
myself and my clients had moved me so far
away from this feeling, and here I was back

{Even if it was just for a moment or two it
was amazing feedback}

In fact if I’m completely honest there have
been signs of it slipping back in over the
last few weeks.

My work schedule is challenging me right now,
I have a lot going on and could feel the pull
in all directions.

Financial strains and business issues as well
as the run up to Christmas, husband being
away and having to teach extra sessions to
cover other instructors.

Today I have actually been on my usual form
work wise, I’v become a badass at getting
shi*t done but I found I was getting triggered very

Being tempted into the chocolate and then
also shouting at the child as his behaviour
was pretty sucky today.

All in all, pushing with work and the strain
of the kids I could feel myself reaching my

I’ve been here many times in the past, in
fact before now I would have a complete fuck
it moment.

Go and eat some crap and just sit on the
couch and sulk about how hard my life is and
that it’s all just too hard, why do I even

Sound familiar?

You work hard, you are constantly on the go
with the kids, it’s no wonder your eating and
exercise habits go out of the window.

So I want you to do a little exercise for me.

It’s something my coach Marci did with me
when I got on the phone with her for the very
first time.

Now take a really deep breath, fill up your
lungs, get in as much air as you can.

Now breathe out

Keep going

And going

And going

And going

Yes KEEP on breathing out

And still…..


Gasping for air yet????

This is exactly what it’s like when you are
constantly giving out, you get to a point
where you just can’t carry on…

Pushing working all hours at work, running
after kids then you go out and set off on a
new diet adding in the stress of working out,
starving yourself.

Is any fucking wonder you can’t sustain that
and your will power fails you yet again.

Truth is you don’t need yet ANOTHER diet.

You have done that, in fact you do it every
damn year and how well is that working out
for you now??

Truth is it’s not the workouts or the diet,
it’s time to address the CAUSE of your weight
gain and inability to be in control with the
foods you eat.

It’s simply about learning to take a breath

By actually allowing yourself to be in the
energy of receiving instead of the constant
give, give, give. The more energy you bring
into yourself the more aligned you will
become, and actually starting to see results.

Results that come from a place of peace, flow
and ease.

19 out of 20 dieters WILL fail.

How would you like to become that ‘1’ of the
20 who actually make it??

Take a deep breath knowing you never again,
have To search for 
a workout or diet or
routine or wonder why motivation has fallen
flat and failed you once again

‘Doing what everyone else is doing, will give
you the results everyone else, has’

If you are ready to level up and work with a
whole new concept on fitness, nutrition and
most importantly if your want lasting
results, your MINDSET that will help you
in all the other areas of your life too.

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Emma ‘Much More Than A Diet’ Colsey-Nicholls

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