What do you even want?

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Nov 28

Do you even know what you want from life?

Is it a better body?

A better job?

Better relationships?

Just to be happier?

Most people don’t even take the time or the
space to understand what it is that they
really want from life, yet when you do it’s
amazing how much easier things become.

I have gone from a place of stress and
hectic, always on the go, always in the fight
and struggle.

Struggle to keep my eating and training on

Struggle to run a successful business and
earn money

Struggle to be a good wife and mum

Then all of a sudden as I started to work on
myself more something FINALLY clicked into

I realised that there would NEVER be the
success I was looking for in the struggle and

Being fit and in shape for life isn’t about
learning how to be successful,

I did not need to learn MORE about nutrition
or training.

Instead I went internal, took a step back,
found some space, gained more perspective and
started asking better questions.

And instead of looking for MORE, I started to
release some of internal reasons I kept
holding myself back.

Discovered the WHY I was in constant sabotage

The more questions I ask, the more bullshit I
release and the more fun life becomes.

Losing weight became easy

Being more at peace and flow with my body
allowed me more happiness and balance with
those around me.

People piss me off far less

I care less about what people think about me,
and more about what I think about myself.

By focusing on ME, life just got better.

I have a HUGE year coming up in 2016 and some pretty
monumental changes are going to be happening,
life is exciting and I am enjoying the ride.

Getting in shape and being happy with my body
was simply about doing less, not more and
this is why you too CAN experience more flow
and happiness in your own body

You can choose to stay in the fight and
battle or if you have had enough of the
bullshit fight and want to create more peace
and flow in your life, peace and flow to live
in a body of health then get in touch.

I am now taking applications for my January

Available both live and online in group and
one to one formats as well as my one day
group coaching intensive.

I’d love for you to get real with my on what’s
going on for you right now and discover what
DO you really want for yourself.

Email me emmacolseynicholls@gmail.com

Emma ‘On Fire’ Colsey-Nicholls

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