The Next Big Thing

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Nov 26

I was on a call with my own coach last night
and a few things became very clear to me.

You see there are moments when I think, ‘Oh
do I even need to go on my coaching calls
anymore, I’ve got this’

Bet you have done this before.

I know many of our members do,

They think I’ve got this whole nutrition and
exercise thing nailed down, “I’m going to go
it on my own”.

Only to come back a few months later
realising just how much they really do get
out of being on our program

Sound familiar?

I know, I think I have spent years on and off
the diet cycle.

BUT I get on my calls anyway and every time I
do, MAN I am just blown away.

Not only blown away with what I learn from my
coach and the other members of the group,
other people who refuse to settle and are
ALWAYS working to level up.

I also learn how I am still growing and
expanding, and each time discovering more of
my own bullshit stories that are still
getting triggered from time to time.

You see often at times you just need someone
to tell you exactly how it is.

Looking at things from another angle allows
you to get a greater perspective on things
and allows you to open up to the possibility
that maybe, just maybe you are capable of
achieving so much more than you are settling
for right now.

The reason I have my own coach….

To tell me the TRUTH

To help me set goals that stretch me and to
hold me accountable to going out and doing
what I said I would do.

When it comes to weight loss everyone is
always looking for the NEXT diet fad and the
next quick fix.

Focusing on the future of…..
When I lose a stone or two, then I’ll be

When I get that job

When I get married

When I have a baby

When I lose my baby weight

Next thing, next thing always chasing, it’s
fucking exhausting!!!

What about being happy right now.


Feeling happy and confident in your own skin,
knowing that you ARE enough?

See this is the thing I was talking to a
client about just yesterday.

You can keep chasing diet after diet, keep
starting and then failing when you just can’t
get a hold of your cravings and you just
sabotage over and over again.

The problem we have isn’t our diet.

It’s your thoughts, beliefs and your habits
that have become ingrained through our past

It’s the feelings and emotions that are
linked to the triggers that are causing this
uncontrollable urge for chocolate.

And until you can start to shift your deeper
thought processes you will just keep fucking
it up time and time again.

How many times have you promised yourself
this year, that you will start again on

What resolutions did you set at the beginning
of the year? Did you actually hit any of

Are you any better off for it??

Maybe it’s time to try something a little
different, start to think a little different.

I like to think of it as personal training
for the brain.

It’s what I have been studying and practicing
this year on myself, to get to where I feel
my absolute best, and to feel at peace with
myself and it feels freeking awesome.

How would you like to start 2016 with a
completely different perspective?

To be able to FINALLY get a handle on your
weight, your body and your eating habits?

With a greater understanding of how your mind
works and how it can make losing weight and
keeping it off EASY.

Yes weight loss CAN be easy when you have the
mindset right.

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Emma ‘Straight Talking Sense’ Colsey-Nicholls

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